A map of Berlin Asian Food

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About the project

I started the Berlin Asian Food map because I wanted to help Asian-owned businesses stay in business and people who wanted to support local restaurants find relevant information.

Seeing updates on IG stories, Facebook groups, Telegram, and other places, I wanted to consolidate the information into one place that people could reference any time, anywhere (for example, if they’re out for a jog and want to see if anything is open close by for takeaway).

While Covid19 racism was more targeted at East and Southeast Asians, moving forward requires solidarity for all Asians.

This is why I created country pins: in addition to meeting the practical need of helping people find the exact cuisine they wanted, they visually represent Asians: our strength in numbers and our breathtaking diversity.

Why Asian-owned businnesses specifically?

Before the lockdown, East Asians and Southeast Asians were already being attacked, whether verbally on the street or avoided as dining locations. Business was already bad before Covid measures were enforced. You can translate the local article „Er sagte, man müsse mich mit Sagrotan einsprühen“ using DeepL.com.

Neighbourhood and business support reveals a stark digital and language divide — many of these businesses don’t have easy access to networks or resources to submit to directories or set up stores and social media accounts. In addition, many hire immigrants who experiencing Covid twice because they’ve already gone through the outbreak virtually with their family and friends in East Asia; many of them may also not feel safe to work in Berlin because measures aren’t taken as stringently as they would expect. The stark reality is that all these factors — safety, lack of general business, lack of community support, language barriers — add up to closures.

How to use the Berlin Asian Food Map

With the Berlin Asian Food map, you can:


This map depends on community contributions and information updates, so I would welcome help!

Adopt a Pin

By giving €3,00 through Buy me a Coffee, you can help purchase a flag pin. Please leave a note on which flag you’d like purchased.

The icons that you see right were added with Google’s custom icons. However, a purchase is necessary to pay the creators and download the file.

Of course, any support would be appreciated as creating and maintaining this map takes time! Thanks!