About Me

Hi! I am Athena Lam :wave:,

I am a content strategist. I also manage multiple websites, social media accounts, and knowledge databases. I started out in education in 2009 and was frustrated by the education system I was working against, so I started organizing events. That event ran for 10 years in Cantonese and English and has passed through several generations of organisers; at peak, the event reached 10,000 attendees through hybrid online-and-offline conference site and school locations. In the innovation space, I started out in impact investing, then moved to business development for social businesses. Along the way, I became involved in tech communities, specifically the people who liked solving problems by building things.

This is a space for me to store lists, drop notes, and experiment with basic coding.


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2019 — Present

I started coming to Berlin since 2017 and felt it had a great mix of businesses and tech companies that had enough space to develop thoughtful products, developed through self-sustaining revenue and not too much capital.

Hong Kong

2017 — 2019

I returned to Hong Kong and focused exclusively on B2B content marketing, working with engineer-led companies that wanted to translate technical and digital product expertise for business-focused clients. I also focused on working with Chinese-to-English teams to help bridge building.


2015 — 2017

As I'd always wanted to write and live in Japan, I took time out to walk the Shikoku Pilgrimage and live in rural Japan. I began my blog, which attracted the attention of a Japan travel platform. I began with B2C content marketing and moved into B2B content marketing.

Shenzhen & Southeast Asia

2014 — 2015

Instead of advising startups, I wanted to help them build their businesses hands on. I took up project work and spent time in Shenzhen, Thailand, and Yangon. Companies I worked with included LaunchPilots (exited 2017), Social Impact Myanmar (later ImpactHub Yangon), and Teach for China.

Hong Kong

2009 — 2012

Moved to Hong Kong. Got my first job and frustrated quickly with the education system, so I co-founded TEDxYouth@HongKong (later TEDxYouth@VictoriaHarbour), which ran for 10 years. I also worked in venture philanthropy and impact investment before it became an industry in Hong Kong.

What I do

I’ve done project management, product management, social media marketing, and content creation. For the past 5 years, I’ve focused functionally on content strategy, but remain most interested in building things to serve people and communities.

In addition, I help plan, design, build, and maintain websites, and social media accounts. This includes social projects, non-profits, and for profit companies with people I like.

I formulate and deliver digital and marketing strategies, usually for B2B, and with a preference for online-to-offline integration for client touch points.

Some technical experience:

Some marketing experience:

I also help teams with WordPress. I also provide advisory on site-building solutions that fit the specific needs of non-technical teams.

This site is built using the Ruby-based Jekyll static site generator, hosted on Github Pages.

I like working with teams that have great people, well-built products, that fulfill a concrete purpose. I am available for:

You can also reach me at:


Some projects I’ve done:

I try to leave presentation slides publicly available. You can find them on Slideshare.

Opinions: Once in a while, I write:

Occasionally, I talk to people: