About Me

Hi I am Athena Lam :wave:,

I am a content strategist. I also manage multiple websites, social media accounts, and knowledge databases. I started out in education in 2009 and was frustrated by the education system I was working against, so I started organizing events. That event ran for 10 years, in Cantonese and English, at peak reaching 10,000 attendees through virtual events at school, and passed through several generations of organisers. In the innovation space, I started out in impact investing, then moved to business development for social businesses, and along the way got interested in tech communities – people who liked solving problems by building things.

This is a space for me to store lists, drop notes, and experiment with basic coding.


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UI Design


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2019 — Present

I started coming to Berlin since 2017 and felt it had a great mix of businesses and tech companies that had enough space to develop thoughtful products, developed through self-sustaining revenue and not too much capital.

Hong Kong

2017 — 2019

I returned to Hong Kong and focused exclusively on B2B content marketing, working with engineer-led companies that wanted to translate technical and digital product expertise for business-focused clients. I also focused on working with Chinese-to-English teams to help bridge building.


2015 — 2017

As I'd always wanted to write and live in Japan, I took time out to walk the Shikoku Pilgrimage and live in rural Japan. I began my blog, which attracted the attention of a Japan travel platform. I began with B2C content marketing and moved into B2B content marketing.

Shenzhen, Southeast Asia

2014 — 2015

Instead of advising startups, I wanted to help them build their businesses hands on. I took up project work and spent time in Shenzhen, Thailand, and Yangon. Companies I worked with included LaunchPilots (exited 2017), Social Impact Myanmar (later ImpactHub Yangon), and Teach for China.

Hong Kong

2009 — 2012

Moved to Hong Kong. Got my first job and frustrated quickly with the education system, so I co-founded TEDxYouth@HongKong (later TEDxYouth@VictoriaHarbour), which ran for 10 years. I also worked in venture philanthropy and impact investment before it became an industry in Hong Kong.

What I do

I’ve done project management, product management, social media marketing, and content creation. For the past 5 years, I’ve focused functionally on content strategy, but remain most interested in building things to serve people and communities.

In addition, I help plan, design, build, and maintain websites, and social media accounts. This includes social projects, non-profits, and for profit companies with people I like.

I formulate and deliver digital and marketing strategies, usually for B2B, and with a preference for online-to-offline integration for client touch points.

Some technical experience:

Some marketing experience:

I also help teams with WordPress. I also provide advisory on site-building solutions that fit the specific needs of non-technical teams.

This site is built using the Ruby-based Jekyll static site generator, hosted on Github Pages.

I like working with teams that have great people, well-built products, that fulfill a concrete purpose. I am available for:

You can also check my portfolio and reach me at:


Some projects I’ve done:

You can find some of my writing here.

I try to leave presentation slides publicly available. You can find them on Slideshare.

Opinions: Once in a while, I translate a bit of tech for people who want to understand it better.