Muslim Friendly Tokyo

This is an archived version of a post titled “Muslim Friendly Tokyo: Mosques, Restaurants, and more!” from March, 2016.

Map of Muslim eats and places of worship in Tokyo Naritaya Halal Ramen in Tokyo

The map I created includes restaurants that I could find back in 2016 as well as places of worship throughout Tokyo for people who lived there.

Since I created this map, many more resources have been made available to the Muslim community in Japan.


Halal Gourmet Japan [English] iPhone | Android

1000+ Halal restaurants in Japan for travellers from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Middle East. While many Japanese may be meat-free because they are seafood based, only a handful of places serve Halal meat.

Halal Navi [English] iPhone | Android

Halal Navi is created by the same group that does NaviTime, one of Japan’s most locally popular transit apps. The app also has “Halal tips”.

Happy Cow [English] iPhone | Android

Mostly Japanese cafe style or Western-inspired food, but safe.

General Food Chains:

Halal Groceries: