Women in Tech in Berlin

This is a working list of resources. You can also check out this great directory of female-founded startups by industry in Berlin:

Women in Tech Groups in Berlin / Germany

Heart of Code Feminist Geeks Femisphere @FemisphereBLN An event in Berlin to highlight and celebrate diversity in the games industry FemDevsMeetup @FemDevsMeetup Networking events in Germany for women who work in, are students of, or interested in working in the game industry. Feminist War Cult @FemWarCult Safer-space gaming, welcoming players of all genders, sexualities, races, classes, and abilities. Destiny and beyond! Prototype Fund - has a female founder and interesting initiatves often led by women Superrrr


Women Who Code Berlin @WWCodeBerlin Code Curious Berlin

Py Ladies Berlin Py Berlin Python

Women Who Go Berlin @WWGBerlin Berlin Go User Group @GDGBerlinGolang

Women Techmakers Berlin

ScalaBridge Berlin @ScalaBridgeBLN

Django Girls Berlin @djangogirlsblin

Rails Girls Berlin @railsgirls_bln

BerlinJS @berlinjs Geeking about JavaScript in Berlin since 2010. Meetup every third thursday of the month. Brought to you by @NikkitaFTW & @rmehner

Female-Led Companies

This is a random list based off of the people I follow. They’re not all founded by women, but I believe having women in leadership (especially technical positions) may be a proxy of a place to work or checkout.

Liz Steininger from Least Authority, Co-Founder Katrie Lowe @CurioCityKate CEO of @Domi_Labs Travis Foundation

Women in Tech Berlin

Paloma Oliveira @pcultural - Developer, curator, indisciplinary artist, wholehearted-explorer #criticalDisability #openSource #autonomy

@octopuscitizen I like Feminism, sɹǝʇndɯoɔ & dogs | loves @heartofcode | thinks about #diversity #organizations & #internetfreedom | program manages @opentechfund Ferdous Bioinformatics grad student who likes people, traveling, dogs and programming ツ | @codecurious_bln organiser (former @RailsGirls_Bln) kaja nö @AlizeNero - @codecurious_bln organizer, feminist, software dev trying to be a good ally

Jessica Greene @sleepypioneer Backend Developer @Ecosia; IoT, ML, GO, Python, JS, data visualisation @WWGBerlin @PyLadiesBer

Laura Wadden @laurawadden systems femme, cto & co-founder - LaceWing Tech

Anika Lindtner @langziehohr Gründerin http://littlevillage.berlin – coworking space mit pikler kinderbetreuung // herzensprojekt: @wishlephant // früher: CEO @travis_fnd

Ellen König @ellen_koenig Senior data engineer @mytransport Meetup organizer @PyBerlinPython Tech blogger & speaker. Part-time sociology student. Curiosity-driven person. (she/her)

Xenomascha @MaschaCamino Game Design @MaschiMensch at @saftladenberlin; Co-organizer of @femispherebln, @devolutionbln, @BerlinGamez and @IndieSchoolTrip

Meowrina Díez @Ninfa_dp CEO @3ofcupsgames @wondershophq @mesaatio ❀ Lead Designer @studio_jnsq ❀ @terebimagazine ❀ #BAFTACrew ❀ Game Dev Heroes ❀ she/they

ali reder @lamettafabrik Game Designer at Etermax. Founder of @FemisphereBLN

Sara Vieira @NikkitaFTW International agent of JS Bullshit Developer @codesandbox Queer master of @queerjs Wifey to @AlxSavage Alex Savage Frontend Engineer @Webflow ・33% Hippie + 33% Nerd (figuring out the rest)・JavaScript & Music & Arts・She/Her @QueerJS

Julia Kloiber @j_kloiber Managing Director, Superrr Lab, Partner, Ashoka, Co-Founder @prototypefund, Mozilla Fellow