Notebook for BLM

README first

This is a living document where I’m dropping links. They’re only a fraction of the stuff that is going on. This isn’t meant to be conclusive. Please do the work and look up resources, whether they are hashtags, accounts to follow, or directories.

The focus of this list is a repository for on-going community support. This means that it’s more about listing businesses to buy from, organizations to support via funding, programs (such as mentoring). Please interpret this as a personal notebook that happens to be public. Please do not think of this as a resource in place of resources that black individuals and communities have created – please go to these original sources and follow them.

My two cents: If you are outside of the US, please do the work and consider supporting your local black and brown communities. This is something you can sustain long-term and create real change where you live. Make this a long-term commitment instead of checking it off the way many would for one-off disaster donations.


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How To Actually Be An Ally To Students Of Color In College (And Beyond)

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