Asian Businesses to Support in Berlin

The Berlin Asian Food map was last updated 28 August, 2020.

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This is a regularly updated map of Asian restaurants and groceries in Berlin. It is categorised by country pins to roughly highlight the cuisine focus.

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Being Asian may be an identity or an experience a based on how we look. Asia spreads from Turkey through the Middle East, over to Japan, and down the Asia Pacific reaching towards Australia. In reality, it is a region that has virtually every shade of skin, and too many languages and dishes to count.

Whether you are new to Berlin or have grown up in the city, if you identify as Asian, broadly defined, you are welcome in this community.

Since January, Asians have been experiencing much more racism and discrimination. Business is tough as it is, but Asian businesses will suffer doubly. Whatever your background, if you are going to #SupportYourLocal businesses, please seek out Asian ones to support as well. Thank you!

Asian grocery stores are still open

Please go support these places or your neighbourhood corner shop! These places are still open (and likely many more):


Like many other businesses in Berlin, a number of restaurants or catering businesses are offering delivery, takeout, or vouchers. Please consider ordering from these places so they can survive and re-open after Covid-19 passes. Also check out Berlin Asian Food for inspiration. Below are some eateries to get you going, but the map above has 150+ entries.







Southeast Asian: Malaysian, Singaporean, Filipino, Indonesian, and General

Once communities grow to over 5 entries, they will be split into a separate section. This is for easier regional grouping and restaurants that serve more than one type of cuisine.

South Asian: South / North Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan:

Home Products

Binuyo: Natural, vegan soaps

Creatives & freelancers

I’d like to build out a list of Asian freelancers and artists. If you know of any, please let me know!

Additional startups & businesses

When Covid-19 is over, I will re-organise the list again into online and offline companies. For now, I am leaving companies that are not serving F&B in this section as many place are closed.


I’d like to build out a list of Asian freelancers and artists. If you know of any, please let me know!

Below are two zines outside of Germany that might be nice to read through:

Business support networks

If you are an Asian business owner, please request access to the Asian Founders Dinner Berlin Facebook group.

To build a community network and support system, the Asian Founders Dinner began in 2018 by co-hosts: Makoto Takeda, Co-founder, BiStream Minchul Lee, Co-founder, EasyCook Asia

Other entrepreneur networks to check out